Sonic Academy Kick 2 VST v1.1.4 Free Download (Win+Mac)

Sonic Academy Kick 2 Vst v1.1.4 Setup Free Download for Windows/Mac in both 32/64 Bit formats. Kick 2 Drum Vst Full Version with free presets can be downloaded from our website. You can Install Kick 2 Vst in FL Studio/Ableton Live/Logic Pro X. Nicky Romero Kick 2 Vst is one of the best drum synthesizers. Sonic Academy decided to upgrade its features. They did a fabulous job. We are providing Preactivated Setup, so you don't need to install Kick 2 Vst Crack.

In this article, we will talk about "How to download and install Sonic Academy Kick 2 Vst Free Download". I have included an Images tutorial on the Installation of Kick 2 Vst along with Kick 2 Vst Crack in your PC/Mac. But first, let us learn what this vst plugin is all about.

Sonic Academy Kick 2 Vst: Overview

Kick is an essential element in every genre of music. It’s the most noticeable and powerful element of your song.

Sonic Academy Kick 2 Vst Plugin

Sonic Academy’s Kick 2 v1.1.4 is a drum synthesizer allowing you to quickly and precisely create drum sounds and tune them to your tracks. It combines an eight Partial synthesized sub-oscillator, 3 part sampled clicks, EQ, and effects to create a wide variety of free drums vst, percussive, and even bass sounds. With Pitch, Amp and Click envelope editors, drive, pitch control, and the Nicky Romero designed distortion section, there is plenty to tweak. This versatile tool has all the controls you need to create the perfect beat for your track; A sub tone generator, multiple click transients, full envelope control, additional harmonics section, EQ, compression, and much more!

Why Kick 2 Vst Setup/Crack is so Popular?

In this section, I will list all the amazing features you will get with Best Kick Drum VST Plugin.

Three Fully Featured Click Areas

It is one of the most significant upgrades from Kick v1. Its features include start time, length control, Low / High Pass Filters, and fine pitch adjustment. You are no longer needed to manipulate and adjust your clicks before importing, simply load them and get started straight away.

Subtone Generator

The sub-control section is the center of attraction of your free download kick drum for FL Studio/Ableton. This is where all the low end is being generated from. The sub-control section allows you to control the overall sub level with the volume slider on the right. Underneath that is a pan control. Since we always want the sub to be in mono, it’s best to keep the pan knob centered. Next to the pan control is additional harmonics and pitch knobs. For now, let’s look at how to shape the sub by using Pitch and Amp Nodes.

Pitch & Amp Nodes

  • Curve Presets: Kick 2 Vst Crack comes with some predefined curve presets to help you get started quickly. Click on the preset name to start browsing some examples. You can also save your own curves by pressing the Save Button or reset to the default curve shape by hitting the Reset Button.
  • Undo/Redo: The undo/redo buttons enable you to step back or forward through a list of edits you have made to the curves and also to the other elements of the sound-shaping tools. There are 50 levels of undoing.
  • Gate: The gate button selects between using a held midi note to control the volume envelope duration or have it play through to completion on each press. With Free Kick 2 torrent, the longer you press a midi note the longer kick will play through the volume envelope. Therefore, kick 2 Free Download will play the full duration of the volume envelope.
  • Snap: With the Snap ON movement of the pitch nodes will be restricted to semitones. Likewise, with Snap off-pitch nodes will move freely to any pitch value.
  • Sub View: Sub View enables or disables the waveform view on the main display.
  • Click View: Click View enables or disables the waveform views of the 3 click channels on the main display.

External Sample Folder Browsing

If you found an audio click, simply drag and drop it straight onto the plugin window to load it directly into your Free Kick 2 presets. Browse your personal sample collection direct from inside the plugin allowing you to audition all of your favorite samples without having to manually load them in.

EQ- Equalize Your Kick 2 Vst Crack

Kick 2 VST Free Download EQ section contains four bands of fully parametric EQ. There are two bell filters and a high and low shelving filter.

best eq vst for FL Studio
  • Edit Window: From this window, you can manage all 4 bands of the EQ on a graphical layout.
  • EQ Band Controls: Each of the 4 band controls has a frequency, gain and Q controls Frequency controls the frequency position in the audio spectrum where the gain control will affect. The gain controls the amount of EQ applied to the selected frequency Q or resonance controls how wide the effect frequency band is.
  • Band on/off switches: Each band can be enabled or disabled using the band on/off switch shown above.
  • Nodes: You can also adjust the Gain, Frequency, and Q using the EQ nodes Moving the node up and down controls gain, left to right controls frequency, and holding Shift while moving up, down, left, or right adjusts the Q.
  • Quick controls & On/Off: The EQ quick controls enable you to quickly adjust the gain of each of the 4 EQ bands The Blue EQ on/off button located top left enables you to completely bypass the EQ section.
best making vst


Distortion is a powerful tool for giving some edge, warmth, or definition to the audio signal. We can use it to bring out extra detail and ‘color’ within a kick sample. Kick 2 Vst Crack plugin offers us three different distortion models; clip, tube, and wave. All of these models have a distinct tonal character that may suit one beat better than the other. It is best to try all of these and find the perfect match for the track you are working on.


This drive control is the legacy overdrive from its previous version. It is used for compatibility reasons for kick presets free download but can also add a nice extra layer of overdrive to v2 presets.

Compressor - Enjoy Kick 2 Vst Free Download

The compressor section allows you to enhance and shape your kick vst crack further. Although we would recommend perfecting the dynamics of your track via the envelopes. Compression can also add the extra punch and tightness to the final result. It makes Kick 2 Vst Free Download- the best drum VST for FL Studio.

If you find your Kick 2 VST Crack is sounding flabby and not as controlled as you would like, try dialing in a small amount of compression.

  1. Attack – slow attack of around 30-100ms to let the initial transient through.
  2. Release – fastest setting 100ms so that the compressor recovers before the next upbeat.
  3. Ratio – a medium ratio of 4:1


The Limiter switch turns the limiter on and off. The Limiter threshold control sets the level at which the limiter effect is engaged. Then slowly bring down the threshold until you reach the desired result. Be careful not to over-apply compression as this can kill the dynamic movement of the kick 2 VST Torrent.

Gate, Keytrack & Portamento Control

Take total control of how your MIDI input effects the length and pitch of your Kick 2 VST Free Download by making use of the Gate and Keytrack features. If you want to get creative then, you can make use of our Portamento control to quickly and easily create vst crack.

Why Use Nicky Romero Kick 2?

You must have been surprised by the features it offers, but why should you install it in your DAW. We will give you reasons for it. If you are looking for a synth which can also create amazing kick sounds, then you can download Sylenth1.

Popular Music Producers who Use Sonic Academy Kick 2 VST

  • Nicky Romero
  • Virtual Riot
  • Lucas & Steve
  • W&W
  • Mat Zo
  • The Midnight

Launch Trailer of Sonic Academy Kick 2 Plugin

This Video summarizes the details and features of the latest version.

Sonic Academy Kick 2 Vst Free Download

Nicky Romero Kick 2 Vst Free Download is an Offline Windows & Mac Installer for both x64/x86 users. We have provided separated download links for Windows & Mac version. Sonic Academy Kick 2 Vst Crack is not needed. It is preactivated.

  • For Windows: You have to Download Sonic Academy Kick 2 v1.1.4 (Win).rar whose size is 46.9MB.
  • For Mac: You have to download Sonic Academy Kick 2 (Mac).rar which is 79MB.

This VST was released by Sonic Academy, way back in 2014. It quickly gained the attention of Beat producers. If you want more details about it, then please visit the Kick 2 VST Official Page on their website.

System Requirements- Can Your PC/Mac Handle it?

  • Host Software – VST, VST2, VST3 or AAX
  • CPU – Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • RAM – 512 MB (But 2Gb would be better)
  • Display – Default Display Drivers are fine.
  • Operating System – Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 Bit), Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • CPU Architecture – x86/x64 Bit
  • Disk Space – At least 1GB required

Compatible/Supported DAW's

  • Fl Studio
  • Renoise 2 or later
  • Tracktion
  • Digital Performer
  • ACID Pro 6 or later
  • Logic 6 or later
  • Garageband
  • Studio One
  • Orion 5 or later

How to Download and Install Sonic Academy Kick 2 v1.1.4 Full Version

Install Sonic Academy Kick 2 Vst Free Download

I have written separate tutorials for Windows and Mac users. Please follow the steps given in the tutorial to avoid any errors.

For MAC Users

We currently don't have any Apple (OSX) system so we won't be able to provide a tutorial (with images) on installation. Also, I have never used any Mac powered machine. So, I will not be able to provide a guide. But I can show you which file to download.

  • Click the Download Button given at the end. You will be redirected to the Download Page of Sonic Academy Kick 2 (Mac).rar
kick vst mac free download

This File is compressed. You need to extract it. You can Extract it using WinZip on your Mac.

PLEASE READ: While extracting Sonic Academy Kick 2 (Mac).rar, you will be asked to a enter password. Please enter the password given below:alert-warning

Password -
  • After Extracting, you will see the following contents.
drum vst for mac

Please read the "README" File before Installing. If you are facing any problems in installing then, please post in the comment section so that users of our website can help you out.

For Windows Users

  • Click the Download Button given at the end. Download Sonic Academy Kick 2 v1.1.4 (Win).rar. This File contains the Pre-activated Setup.
kick drum vst free download
  • As the Downloaded Files are Compressed in ZIP Format, you need to extract them using WinRAR. If you don’t know “how to extract compressed files” using WinRAR, then please read the WinRAR tutorial.

IMPORTANT: While extracting Sonic Academy Kick 2 v1.1.4 (Win).rar, you will be asked to a enter password. Please enter the password given below:alert-warning

Password -
  • Run KICK 2 v1.1.4 as an administrator.
sonic academy kick vst crack
  • Kick 2 Vst Installer will Pop Up, Click Next, and browse the Installation path.
click next to proceed
  • Select the Components you want to Install according to your needs. I have selected VST(32-bit) and VST(64-bit). If you use ProTools, then select AAX.
select components to install
  • Now, it will ask you the Installation Path for 32-bit and 64-bit Vst Plugins. You can install it wherever you want. Just remember the Installation path. By default, Kick 2 32-bit will install in C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugins while Kick 2 64-bit will install in C:\Program Files\VSTPlugIns.
choose 32-bit-kick vst path

kick 2 64-bit free download
  • Click Install to start the Installation process.
install kick 2 vst in fl studio
  • It will start Installing as shown in the Image below.
installing in Ableton Live
  • Click Finish to complete Installation.
Installation is Completed
  • Now, Let me show you the installed files. To see the Installed files, go to respective Installation paths (See Image Below) of 32-bit and 64-bit version of Kick 2 VST.
kick x64 download

best drum vst
  • Now, go to the Plugins manager of your DAW and add these installation paths. Press the "Scan" Button. Your DAW will search for these files.
  • If you added the path correctly, then Sonic Academy Kick 2 v1.1.4 Free Download will appear on your Plugins List.
  • Now, Load it across the channel track and start making music.

I hope you enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial enriched with Instructional Images. If you are still facing problems, then we can solve your issue in the comments section

Sonic Academy Kick 2 VST v1.1.4 Free Download

Click the Download buttons below to Download Kick 2 Drum Synthesizer Full Version for Free. Separate download buttons have been given for Windows and Mac.

{getDownload} $text={Download (Win)} $size={Go to Download Page for Windows}


{getDownload} $text={Download (Mac)} $size={Go to Download Page of Mac}


Note: You will be redirected to Download Page of Sonic Academy Kick 2 Free Download. You will find the Download Links of Windows Setup, Kick 2 Vst Crack, and Kick 2 Vst Mac Setup. These files are hosted on our Data Host Servers.

If you don't know, How to download from our website, check out our tutorial guide. alert-info

If you are New to Our Website, Check out other amazing Vst plugins to boost your music production.

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If you are Facing any problems in Downloading or Installing, Do let us know in the Comment Section Below. We will try our best to solve your Issue.

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If you are Facing any problems in Downloading or Installing, Do let us know in the Comment Section Below. We will try our best to solve your Issue.

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