Kv331 Synthmaster 2.9 Full Version Free Download

KV331 Synthmaster 2.9 Latest Version Free Download for Windows in both 32/64 bit versions. It a Full Version Preactivated setup which means you are not needed to Install Synthmaster Crack/Patch for producing music. Just Install Synthmaster Free Download in FL Studio/Ableton and you're good to go.

In this article, we will talk about "How to download and Install KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.9.8 for Windows". I have written a detailed tutorial for the same. You will easily understand the tutorial as suitable images are also provided.

Now, let's explore the features and interface of Synthmaster Free Download.

What is KV331 Synthmaster Free Download?

SynthMaster Vst Free Download is a semi-modular synthesizer and effect plugin that features different methods of sound synthesis including VA, Additive, Wavetable, Phase Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Pulse Width Modulation, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, Physical Modeling, and SFZ Sample Playback. It uses all types of synthesis at the same time. You can use any one of them whichever suits your production skills. With its amazing oscillators, analog modeled zero-delay feedback filters, flexible effects routing with eleven types of high-quality effects, and a massive modulation architecture with 48 separate modulation sources and hundreds of modulation targets; Synthmaster vst crack is a must download synth vst plugin.

kv331 audio synthmaster free download

Synthmaster VST - User Interface

KV331 Audio Synth plugin got a lot of features under the table. It is not your usual synthesizer. Its Oscillator is the center of attention. Most of the producers use different types of synth plugins. Some of them like wavetable while beginners are often recommended to download analog synth( For example, Reveal Sound Spire). Synthmaster Crack solved this problem by providing all the five variations of the oscillator. They have also taken care to make a top-notch filter to purify your sounds.

There is a lot of things to talk about. I will not simply write whatever comes to my mind. we will discuss each part in detail. Before starting, let me tell you that Synthmaster Plugin is not suitable for beginners. If you a newbie and looking for the best synthesizer for beginners, then I recommend you to download Reveal Sound Spire.

So, grab a cup of coffee and start exploring one of the best semi-modular synthesizer in the world.

Two Spectacular Oscillators

Oscillators are the sound generators in a synthesizer. Each layer in SynthMaster Free Download has 2 oscillators. There are 5 types of oscillators in SynthMaster:

  1. Basic
  2. Additive
  3. Vector
  4. Wavetable
  5. Audio Input
  • Basic Oscillators: Basic oscillators are capable of synthesizing many different types of waveforms. Each oscillator comes with 17 different algorithms in the following categories: Spectral (LP, HP, LS, HS, BP, BS), Bend (Bend+, Bend-, Bend+/-), Sync (Rect Window, Half Cos Window, Cos Window, Tri Window, Saw Window), Pulse (Pulse1, Pulse2) and Quantize.
  • Additive Oscillator: An 'Additive' oscillator is actually Eight 'basic' oscillators running together. Each 'basic' oscillator has its own detune, tone, phase/pulse width/algorithm parameter, frequency, waveform type, and algorithm parameters.
  • Vector Oscillator: Vector oscillator is a subset of the Additive oscillator. There are 4 basic oscillators running together. The mixed ratio of oscillators is determined by the x and y indexes and 1D/2D buttons.
  • Wavetable Oscillator: Wavetable oscillator is similar to the basic oscillator, except that the waveform can be interpolated in between 16 different waveforms shapes. The position of the waveform can be adjusted using the wave index parameter.
  • Audio-Input Oscillator: Audio-In oscillator is used to pass the incoming audio input of SynthMaster Crack through its oscillators, filters, or effects, etc. SynthMaster Vst Crack features an envelope follower as well, which can trigger a MIDI note when the follower output is above a certain threshold. This way the internal oscillators can be used to process the incoming audio in various ways.


A modulator is essentially a “basic” oscillator, but it is not heard directly. It is used to modulate frequency, phase, or amplitude of Osc 1/Osc 2 or other modulators. The only extra parameter a modulator has is the “DC Offset” parameter, which is used to add a constant value to the modulator output. This is useful in Frequency Modulation and Ring Modulation which then becomes Amplitude Modulation when offset is added.

Filters of SynthMaster Crack

Synthesizers Vst Crack is used to boost/cut certain frequency ranges based on their types. Each layer in SynthMaster has 2 filters with 6 different algorithm categories:

Digital Filter

Digital filters don’t try to model any analog filters. They are constructed using digital filters, however after the filter stage, there’s a hard limiter internally which is triggered by an envelope follower whose attack and decay times are controlled by Attack and Decay parameters. All filters except the Comb filter type have 2 different slopes: 12 dB/Oct (2 poles), and 24 dB/oct (4 poles).

Virtual Analog Filter

It is modeled after the famous ladder filter (discussed below). It has a continuously variable Slope, unlike the digital filters with a fixed slope. At high resonance values, the filter self-oscillate which makes synthmaster unique.

synthmaster filter vst crack

Ladder Filter

Ladder filter, similar to the Virtual Analog filter, is modeled after the famous ladder filter but is a zero delay feedback filter. Unlike analog filters, we added only 2 slopes (12 dB/oct and 24 dB/oct), and 4 filter types (LP, HP, BP, and BS)

Diode Ladder Filter

This filter is modeled after a well-known analog filter circuit found in synths such as the TB303. It is a zero delay feedback filter. There’s only 1 filter type: Lowpass with 24dB/oct slope.

State Variable Filter

State Variable Filter is modeled after analog state variable filters found in synths like the SEM. It is a zero delay feedback filter and is available in 5 types: Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandstop, and Multimode. When the filter type is set to multimode, the Mode parameter changes the type of the filter from Lowpass to Bandstop (Notch) to Highpass.

Bite Filter

Bite filter is modeled after the analog lowpass & highpass filters found in the famous MS20 synth. It is a zero delay feedback filter and available in 2 types: 12 dB/oct Lowpass and 6 dB/oct Highpass.

VstFX- Every Type is Present

  • 6 Band EQ: The Highpass and Lowpass bands of the EQ can have a slope between 12-48 dB/octave. They can be turned on/off. The LowShelve, HighShelve bands have a 6dB/oct slope. The Lo Mid, Hi Mid bands have 6 dB/oct slope, with variable Q.
  • Distortion: The Distortion effect in SynthMaster Vst Crack consists of a 2 Band EQ followed by a distortion stage followed by a 2 Band EQ. The EQ bands can be cut or shelve. The distortion curve can be drawn by the user. The distortion effect has also an envelope follower whose output can be used to add a bias to the distortion stage.
  • LoFi: The LoFi effect is used to apply bit reduction and sample rate reduction. The output bits can be controlled by the Bits parameter. The effect also has a resonant filter that has Cutoff and Reso parameters.
  • Phaser: The Phaser effect is 4-8-12-16 stage analog-modeled phaser. With the Feedback parameter, the phaser output can be feedback to its input. Initial Cutoff and Cutoff Spacing parameters can be modulated by the internal LFO of the phaser. The speed of the LFO can be controlled with the Speed parameter.
  • Chorus: The Chorus effect is used to add time-varying delays to its stereo inputs. The amount of delay modulation is controlled by the Mod Depth parameter. The delay modulation speed is controlled by the Mod Rate parameter. The feedback of the delayed output can be controlled by the Feedback parameter.
  • Delay: Delay effect is used to add EQed and/or distorted delay to its stereo inputs.
  • Reverb: SynthMaster features a powerful Reverb effect, used to simulate rooms/spaces
  • Compressor: The compressor effect is used for dynamic gain reduction.
  • Vocoder: The vocoder in SynthMaster Crack consists of 16 analysis and 16 synthesis filters
  • Tremolo: Tremolo effect is used to modulate the amplitude of its stereo inputs.

KV331 SynthMaster Setup+Crack: Features :

  • Semi-Modular architecture
  • 1400 factory presets
  • User-defined parameter control
  • Powerful Arpeggiator
  • Two multi-waveform Basic oscillators
  • Five different types of Oscillator
  • Oscillators also support stereo output
  • Six Different Types of Filters
  • You also alter the sound route architecture
  • VST Effects: Distortion, LoFi, Ensemble, Phaser, 6-band EQ, Compressor, Vocoder, Delay, Chorus, Tremolo, Reverb
  • Tuning scale is also available
  • Comes with 10 different skins
  • If not happy with skins, then you can also customize it
  • MIDI patterns importable as arpeggiator Sequence

Pros: Things you will love

  • Uses all types of synthesis technology
  • Semi-modular in nature, it features a 64–slot modulation matrix.
  • Versatile effects and powerful filters.
  • Ships with 1400 factory patches with further expansion banks available.
  • Preactivated: No Need of Keygen/Crack/Patch
  • Easy Installation in FL Studio

Cons: Why not Download Synthmaster Vst

  • The interface is complex
  • Vector Interface is the new norm but KV331 Audio has not provided the support for scaling
  • Sometimes Renaming Presets crashes the Cracked Vst Plugin
  • The installer is not in English
  • Not Easy for Beginners
  • Manual needs bringing up to date.

Popular Artist who use Synthmaster Plugin

  • Armin Van Buuren
  • TiĆ«sto
  • Martin Garrix
  • Maurice West
  • Jay Hardway
  • Zedd
  • Knife Party
  • Matisse & Sadko
  • Axwell

Why Synthmaster is a Unique Synthesizer?

If you want to know more details about Synthmaster 2.9 then, please watch the video given below. This Video explains all the aspects of this amazing synthesizer.

SynthMaster VST v2.9.8 Setup Details

KV331 Synthmaster Latest Version Free Download is a Preactivated Windows Setup. You have to download KV331 SynthMaster v2.9.8 (Win).rar. Its size is 506 MB. It is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This Vst was released by KV331 Audio which was established in 2004. If you want more details about this Vst Synthesizer, then please visit Synthmaster's official Page.

System Requirements: Can your PC handle it?

  • CPU – 2GHz AMD/Intel Processor
  • RAM – 2 GB (4GB is recommended)
  • Display – Default Drivers (with at least 720p resolution)
  • OS – Windows 7 and above
  • CPU Architecture – x64/x86
  • Disk Space – 1GB (More if you install additional presets)
  • Host Technology – VST, VST3, AAX

How to Download & Install KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.9.8 Free Download

how to download and install
  • Click the Download Button given at the end. You will be redirected to the Download Page of Synthmaster Vst. Download KV331 SynthMaster v2.9.8 (Win).rar.
synthmaster vst crack

PLEASE READ: While extracting KV331 SynthMaster v2.9.8 (Win).rar, you will be asked to a enter password. Please enter the password given below:alert-warning

Password - www.vstpluginsmonk.com
  • As the Downloaded Files are Compressed in ZIP Format, you need to extract them using WinRAR. If you don’t know “how to extract compressed files” using WinRAR, then please read the WinRAR tutorial.
  • Run KV331 Audio SynthMaster v2.9.8.exe as an administrator.
  • Click Next to browse Installation Path.
how to crack synthmaster vst
  • Now, it will ask you the Installation Path for 32-bit and 64-bit Vst Plugins. You can install it wherever you want. Just remember the Installation path. By default, KV331 Synthmaster Vst Plugin 32-bit will install in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VSTPlugins while Synthmaster 2.9.8 64-bit will install in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugIns.
  • Select the Components you want to Install. Choose according to your needs. I have selected VST2(32-bit), VST2(64-bit), and Expansion Presets. If you use ProTools, then select AAX(64-bit).
  • (Optional) Some Music Producers do not use DAW. The majority of such producers work in Studio. They use only a standalone setup to create music. They don't need to install all these plugins formats. Therefore, Portable mode solves their problem and doesn't install any files in their system and rather works as a Plug & Play Plugin. But If you use DAW (Such as Fl Studio 20/Ableton Live), then simply skip it and click next.
portable mode
  • After that, it will start installing. It will take some time.
  • Click Finish to close the Installer.
  • Now, Let me show you the installed files. To see the Installed files, go to respective Installation paths (See Image Below) of 32-bit and 64-bit version of Synthmaster.
best synthesizer for beginners
kv331 audio installed files
  • Now, go to the Plugins manager of your DAW and add these installation paths. Press the "Scan" Button. Your DAW will search for these files.
  • If you added the path correctly, then Kv331 Synthmaster Vst 2.9.8 will appear on your Plugins List.
  • Now, Load it across the channel track and start making music.

I hope you enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial enriched with Instructional Images. If you are still facing problems, then we can solve your issue in the comments section.

KV331 SynthMaster Free Download

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If you are Facing any problems in Downloading or Installing, Do let us know in the Comment Section Below. We will try our best to solve your Issue.

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