XLN RC-20 Retro Color Free Download [Setup+Presets]

XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color Vst Free Download Full Version for Windows Users. It is available in VST & AAX Format. You can Install RC 20 Retro Color in both 32/64-bit PC. Just Install in FL Studio/Ableton and apply the Vintage effect to any sound you like. Its warmth will take you back in the days when Vinyl Recording was everywhere. As talented music producers are exploring new dimensions of music production, they are often surprised by the texture & feel of the sounds in old school tracks. But RC-20 Retro Color Vst Crack was not available for it.

As a result, most developers tried various experiments to create these Vintage Effect Vst Plugins. XLN Audio was one of them. They have finally created Retro Color Free Download with Keygen which balances out the Vintage effect with an appropriate amount of Distortion & Saturation in your sound.

This post is a tutorial on "How to Download and Install RC 20 Retro Color Plugin in Fl Studio". I have written a Step-by-Step Installation tutorial on the Installation of this VST in Fl Studio 20/Ableton/Logic Pro X. Keygen/Vst Crack is provided as a separate file so that you don't face any problems while installing in FL Studio 20.

RC 20 Retro Color Vst Plugin Full Version

In Short, if you love Vintage Effect, then XLN Audio Should be your first choice. However, I will not simply write it & leave. I will list all the reasons to download it. We will explore its features, specifications, and installation tutorial.

What is RC-20 Retro Color Vst Free Download?

RC-20 Retro Color is a VST effect plugin that adds the warm feeling of old vintage recording equipment in your sounds. It can add life, character, and texture to any recording. Although its hard to describe the effects created by this plugin. But it is mainly regarded for applying Distortion, grittiness, Reverb, and some nice saturation to your track. I think that creators have put in a lot of time and effort into recreating these old school vintage artifacts.

Now, we will talk about its Interface. I have covered all the sections in detail. Before starting, grab a glass of old wine as its features are as good as old wine.

RC Retro Color Interface

As a first time user, you might get surprised by the number of possibilities it offers to make your sound unique and old school at the same time. I have divided its Interface into the following three sections.


Top Section: Not a Lot to talk about

You can find Presets Browser and a Magnitude Slider in this section. You can load or browse XLN Audio presets using the presets browser. Magnitude Slider is used to control the amount of gain on a global level.

FX Module Section: Main Attraction

It is Vst Effect Plugins so the FX section will judge whether you should use it or not. but frankly speaking, if you are specifically looking for decent saturation or distortion plugins, then better options are available. Retro Vst is specifically designed to give a vintage effect to your sound. It has six main FX Modules, each providing different varieties of taste.

Let's dive into its details.


As Noise is the first FX module, it normally appears at the beginning of the signal chain so it will be distorted, crushed, filtered, and fluttered along with your source audio. There are a number of different Noise types available in RC-20 Retro Color Vst Free Download, ranging from vinyl record crackle to cassette and VHS noise and much more.

  • Tone: Tone is a basic "tilt" style tone control, turning it clockwise means more high end and less low end and vice versa.
  • Follow: You can make the noise level follow the input signal level. Great on drums! At 0% the noise level is static.
  • Routing: Activating Routing, lets you re-route the noise so it is inserted at the end of the effect chain, after the Master Section EQ.
  • Duck: The Duck knob lets you create a ducking effect. With Duck, the noise level is pushed down by incoming audio peaks, mimicking the effect of a "pumping" compressor with a slow attack.


This module modulates the pitch (and speed) of the incoming audio, much like classic tape recorders. The two classic artifacts Wow (slow) and Flutter (fast) are also provided. Wow/Flutter Balance slider lets you adjust how much amount you want of each.

  • Stereo: Stereo mode turns the wow section this into a nice chorus
  • Mix: Mix knob is used for creating lush sound.


It applies Distortion across the layers of the sound. Various types of distortion are available. Try them out.

  • Focus Filter: You can select the frequency range where the distortion will be applied using Focus Filter. This lets you distort only the mid/high range while leaving the bottom intact.
  • Mix Knob: Use the Mix knob to set the balance between Distorted and unprocessed sound.
best distortion vst plugin 2020


Celebrate and stimulate the sampling technologies yesteryear, when the word "Digital" was so cool you'd put it in your song lyrics. The Rate/Bits Balance slider lets you set the desired balance of sample rate and bit-depth reduction.

  • Smooth: You can polish off the rough digital edges for a less harsh sound.
  • Focus Filter: It helps you to select the frequency range where the "crushing" will be applied. Works great to get some crunch at the top of a kick while leaving the bottom untouched.
  • Cut: As the name suggests, it simply removes/cut the frequencies outside the selected focus range.
  • Mix: Use the Mix knob to set the volume balance between the crushed and unprocessed sound


RC-20 Retro Color Vst Free Download is a reverb/resonator effect. Before discussing, if you are looking for a good decay effect plugins, then you should download ValhallaDSP Delay from our website. It is the best delay vst plugins.

The space section is not that good. But for the sake of it, let me explain its components. Decay controls the length of the reverb tail. PreDelay lets you place the reverb slightly after the source sound to reduce muddiness. The Focus Filter controls the resonance/damping of the reverb itself and can sometimes have a drastic effect depending on source material. The Stereo switch can turn mono-material into stereo, but also provide RC-20 Retro Color Vst Crack.


This module simulates all kinds of funny stuff that happens with volume when recording on magnetic tape.

  • Wear: Wear means you played your tape too many times, the magnetic particles are starting to wear thin making the volume fluctuates a little (or a lot).
  • Flutter: It is a faster artifact usually caused by the capstan pin in the tape mechanism.
  • Wear/Flutter Balance slider lets you find the perfect balance between them.
  • Dropouts are similar to wear, but more intense-basically random sudden drops in volume.
  • Stereo Switch lets you choose if wear and dropouts do the same thing in both speakers or not.

Master Section


Use the Gain knob to adjust the input level. The level is usually not super critical, but feel free to crank it up to drive the DISTORT and DIGITAL modules harder.


This filter lets you cut out unwanted frequencies at the bottom and/or top end of the spectrum. The steepness of the filter can be set to Softor Hardon both ends.


This control offers a simple way to shape the tone of the final sound. In TILT mode, turning the knob clockwise turns up the high end and turns down the low end. Turning the input knob the other way has the opposite effect. In MID mode the knob controls the mid frequencies, giving your sound a nice smiley curve.

Features of RC-20 Retro Color Full Version

I will discuss the Pros, Cons, list of music producers who it, and a bonus youtube tutorial.


  1. As it is a Vintage Plugin, It can make anything sound old.
  2. Sound Processors used across Flux Engine are properly optimized.
  3. It gives a nice retro vibe to your track
  4. Controls are pretty straight-forward so that even layman can use it
  5. Its Color-coded Interface help in navigation
  6. It can be used in any modern software


  1. Reverb Effect in the Space section is poorly developed
  2. Suitable for only Vintage Effect
  3. Saturation could have been better
  4. Tape Delay would have been used
  5. Tempo Sync used in Wobble and Magnetic is hard to use

Artist Who Use It

RC-20 Retro Color Full Version is not as famous as other Vintage Effect Plugins. Also, It is not widely used in EDM Community. So, I will list some music producers who it. You can also check out their tracks. I leave it up to you to decide whether to download or not.

  • Spock
  • BITZ
  • Grace
  • Jack Patterson
  • Jonas Aden
  • Mesto

Some Tracks of famous Pop Stars such as Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato have also been found using it. It gives Retro Vibe to their Songs.

Video Tutorial by Splice

XLN Audio partnered with Splice to release RC-20 Retro Color Vst Free Download. It helped XLN to gain exposure among producers who want reasonably priced plugins. But You don't have to care about it as we are providing XLN RC-20 Retro Color Vst Crack. Splice has also written some helpful articles on this Vintage Effect beast. On-demand of users, they have uploaded a tutorial on Youtube (Embedded Below) which will give you its brief description.

XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color Setup Details

RC-20 Retro Color VST Free Download is an Offline Windows Installer for both x64/x86 users. You have to Download both Setup & Crack. Its size is 47.4 MB. This Vintage Effect VstFX was released by XLN Audio in 2016. If you want more details about this Vst Plugin, then please visit the Retro Vst Official Website.

System Requirements: Can your PC handle it?

  • CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher
  • RAM – 2 GB (4 GB recommended)
  • Display – Default Drivers are fine
  • OS – Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64-bit)
  • CPU Architecture – x64/x86
  • Disk Space – 500MB (More if you install additional presets)
  • Host Technology – VST2, VST3 & AAX

Supported VST Hosts

Retro Vst Full Version works on any VST host supporting VST or AAX plugins. I have listed those DAW's which are confirmed to support it.

  • FL Studio
  • Ableton Live 10 or later
  • Studio One
  • Apple Logic Pro X
  • Avid Pro Tools 11 or later
  • Pro Tools 10 or higher
  • Cakewalk by Bandlab
  • Propellerhead Reason 9.5 or later
  • Analog & Digital Superiority
  • Reaper 4
  • Steinberg Cubase 8 (or higher)

How to Download & Install RC-20 Retro Color Vst Full Version

how to download and install
  • Click the Download Button given at the end. You will be redirected to the Download Page. Download both XLN RC-20 Retro Color (Win).rar and XLN RC-20 Retro Color (Crack).rar (See Image Below)
Best Distortion Plugin for FL Studio
  • As the Downloaded Files are Compressed in RAR Format, you need to extract them using WinRAR. If you don’t know “how to extract compressed files” using WinRAR, then please read the WinRAR tutorial.

IMPORTANT: While extracting, you will be asked to a enter password.alert-warning

Please enter the following Password: www.vstpluginsmonk.comcode-box

  • After Extracting XLN RC-20 Retro Color (Win).rar, you will get the following files.
run plugin as an administrator
  • Run RC-20 Retro Color Setup.exe as an administrator. The Installation Wizard will Pop up on your Screen. Click Next.
Click Next to Crack Saturation Vst
  • Select the Components you want to Install according to your needs. If you an FL Studio User, then Select VST(32-bit) and VST(64-bit). If you use ProTools, then select AAX(64-bit).
select 32-bit/64-bit Version to Install
  • Now, it will ask you the Installation Path for 32-bit and 64-bit Vst Plugins. You can install it wherever you want. Just remember the Installation path. By default, the 32-bit version will install in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\XLN Audio while Retro Color 64-bit will install in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\XLN Audio
x86 Install Path

x86 Install Path
  • Click Install and finish the Installation.
install rc-20 retro color vst free
  • Retro Color Vst Plugin comes with different presets which are contained in Library Folder. Copy "Library" Folder and Paste in C:\Program Files\XLN Audio\RC-20 Retro Color
rc-20 retro color presets
  • After pasting, Open Library Folder and Run "Library Placer.exe" as an administrator. A Message will appear on your screen that Library has been successfully Placed which means Presets have been Installed.
Run Library Placer.exe

RC-20 Retro Color VST Crack Installation

Before Installation: Please Disable Your Antivirus, otherwise, Keygen.exe will be removed from your PC. Don't worry, it is not a virus. If you are downloading pirated/cracked softwares, your antivirus will always say that it’s a virus. If you don’t want such notification, simply turn off your antivirus.

  • You must have Extracted XLN RC-20 Retro Color (Crack).rar already. Open the Extracted Folder. You will find only one file Named "Keygen.exe". Run it as an administrator.
xln retro patch
  • Keygen will open just like in the image below. XLN Audio requires Computer ID to register. So, we need to generate a Computer ID.
Keygen Installer will appear
  • Click Get and it will generate your Computer Id. After Generating, Click Register(WIN) and Successfully registered message will appear as shown in the Image Below.
crack retro color vst
  • Now, go to the Plugins manager of your DAW and add the installation paths of 32-bit & 64-bit Versions. Press the "Scan" Button. Your DAW will search for these files.
  • If you added the path correctly, then RC-20 Retro Color Vst Free Download will appear on your Plugins List.
  • Congratulations, Installation is Completed.
  • Now, Load it across the channel track and start making music.

I hope you enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial enriched with Instructional Images. If you are still facing problems, then we can solve your issue in the comments section.

XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color Free Download

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If you are Facing any problems in Downloading or Installing, Do let us know in the Comment Section Below. We will try our best to solve your Issue.

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If you are Facing any problems in Downloading or Installing, Do let us know in the Comment Section Below. We will try our best to solve your Issue.

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