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If you ask any music producers from the 2000s about their favorite free synth plugin, then the most obvious answer would be Cheeze Machine by Big Tick Audio. Cheeze Machine has been everyone's favorite since its release in 2007. But as time passed, it did not receive necessary updates which lead to its incompatibility with modern music-making machines. As a result, 2getheraudio decided to upgrade its features and release Cheeze Machine 2. Don't Worry! They have released it for FREE. You can download and install Cheeze machine 2 without paying a single penny.

Young music producers can not afford expensive vst plugins like Xfer Serum, Lennar Digital Sylenth1, or Spectrasonics Omnisphere. . In starting, I do not recommend you to spend a lot of money on these hefty plugins. Beginners should look for freeware alternatives. Once you master free synth plugins, then you can move on to paid synth plugins. To ease your search, I am providing you Cheeze Machine 2 by 2getheraudio, which is perfect for those people who have just started their Music Production journey.

But apart from finding these free vst plugins, they also face a lot of problems in the installations process. They get confused and end up corrupting their DAW files. In this post, you will learn about “How to Download & Install Cheeze Machine 2 Synth Vst Plugin in your DAW”. We have provided a Step-by-Step guide on downloading and installing Cheeze Machine Free Download enriched with High-quality Images & Video tutorials.

2getheraudio cheeze machine 2 full version free download

Cheeze Machine by 2getheraudio - Overview

Cheeze Machine 2 is a Virtual Studio Instrument by 2togetheraudio for both PC and Mac Users. It is an updated version of the extremely popular v1 of the same VST. If you look at the featured image then you will get a Vintage String vibe from it, It comes with an improved oscillator, convolution reverb, a vintage ensemble chorus. If you love Vintage Sound Effects, then you can also download Retro Color VST from our website.

Features of this Amazing Free Synth VST

  • Gives you the feeling of using Vintage String machines due to its old-school interface
  • The interface is clean and easy to use which is ideal for beginners.
  • Expanded and much better oscillator than V1
  • Sub Oscillator is also present which is rare in free synth VST Plugins.
  • FX Section has also been taken care of. You will find Vintage Ensemble, Phaser, and Modulation Effects.
  • Over 60 Sounds such as strings, brass, bass, pads, and keyboard are included which are enough for freeware Synth Plugin.
  • It requires a Lightweight CPU and low memory to operate.
  • Preview Presets from Pro Version is also included. Now, you can easily decide whether you should upgrade to Pro Version or not.

Short Review by Synth Anatomy

Sounds Demo: You can listen to them before downloading


2getheraudio Cheeze Machine 2 Vst Setup Details

Cheeze Machine 2 VST Synth Plugins is a Freeware Offline Windows & Mac Installer for both x64 users. We have provided separate download links for Windows & Mac version.

  • For Windows: You have to Download whose size is 13.4MB.
  • For Mac: You have to download which is 15.2MB

This VST was originally released by Big Tick Audio, way back in 2007. It is then updated to v2 by 2getheraudio. If you want more details about it or want to buy its upgraded version (Pro) then please visit the 2getheraudio Official website.

System Requirements- Can your PC/Mac handle it?

  • CPU - Intel Core i5, i7, 2.3GHz processor or higher
  • RAM - 1GB RAM (2 recommended)
  • Display - Stock Drivers will work fine
  • OS - Windows 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit Only) or Mac OS X 10.12 or later
  • CPU Architecture-x64
  • Disk Space - 50 megabytes of free disc space
  • Host Technology - Any Host which Supports VSTi, AAX, or AU

How to Download & Install CHEEZE MACHINE 2 by 2getheraudio

I have written separate tutorials for windows and mac users. Please follow the steps given in the tutorial to avoid any errors.

For Windows

  • Click the Download Button given at the end. Download This File contains the Plugin for Windows Users.
Cheeze Machine 2 Pro
  • As the Downloaded Files are Compressed in ZIP Format, you need to extract them using WinRAR. If you don’t know “how to extract compressed files” using WinRAR, then please read the WinRAR tutorial.
  • After Extracting you will get the files shown in the image below.
Extracted Files Using WinRAR
  • Run 2getheraudio Cheeze Machine 2 Setup.exe as an administrator. Installer will open on your screen. Read and accept the agreement.
Click accept to start installation of cheeze machine 2
  • Click Next to browse the Installation path.
Read the Instructions
  • Now, it will ask you the Installation Path. You can install it wherever you want. Just remember the Installation path. By default, it will install in C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins. After deciding, Click Next to start the installation process.
Installation path of Cheeze Machine 2 Free Version
  • Now, click Finish to complete the Install Process.
Install Cheeze Machine Vst
  • After Installing, If you go to the installation path then you will see the following files.
Best Free Synth Vst Plugin for FL Studio/Ableton
  • Now, go to the Plugins manager of your DAW and add these installation paths. Press the "Scan" Button. Your DAW will search for these files.
  • If you added the path correctly, then Cheeze Machoine 2 Vst Free Download will appear on your Plugins List.
  • Now, Load it across the channel track and start making music.

For MAC Users

We currently don't have any Apple (OS X) system so we won't be able to provide a tutorial (with images) on installation. Also, I have never used any Mac powered machine. But I can write the Steps in text format. So, Please follow the steps.

  • Click the Download Button given at the end. Downloading of will start.
Cheeze Machine Free Download for Mac
  • After extracting, you will get the following files (Image Below).
Open PKG File
  • Open/Extract this .PKG file. You will different folders as shown in the image below.
Best Synth Plugin for Mac

If you produce music on mac, then you must be knowing that there are different formats for plugins- AAX, AU, and VST. This Setup contains all three versions/formats. I will write the steps for each one of them.

  • For AU Version: Open AU.pkg folder and copy all the contents inside it and paste in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components
  • VST Version: Copy the contents of the VST.pkg folder and paste in the VST install directory i.e /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST
  • AAX Version: Open AAX.pkg folder and copy all the files and paste in /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins.

Now, Install the plugin on your Digital Audio Workstation. Enjoy & keep making Music.

I hope this step-by-step tutorial enriched with Instructional Images was helpful. If you are still facing problems, then we can solve your issue in the comments section.

Cheeze Machine 2 VST Free Download

Click the Download buttons below to Download 2getheraudio Cheeze machine 2 Plugin for Free. Separate download buttons have been given for Windows and Mac.

{getDownload} $text={DOWNLOAD (WIN)} $size={Size - 13.4MB}


{getDownload} $text={DOWNLOAD (MAC)} $size={Size - 15.2MB}


We do not own Cheeze Machine 2. As Cheeze Machine 2 is available for FREE on (Official Website), we are just sharing it on our website. alert-info

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If you are Facing any problems in Downloading or Installing, Do let us know in the Comment Section Below. We will try our best to solve your Issue.

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If you are Facing any problems in Downloading or Installing, Do let us know in the Comment Section Below. We will try our best to solve your Issue.

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