Top 3 Realistic Guitar VST Plugins in 2022

As lockdown restrictions were implemented, more and more people turned to music. As a result, so many people picked up new instruments. In fact, research shows that guitars are some of the most popular instruments right now, with the global guitar market expected to grow to a $1.14 billion industry from 2021 to 2025. This includes all the different types of guitars from electric six-string models, to folk guitars and bass guitars.

best guitar plugin for fl studio

For someone who wants to create music with multiple string instruments, acquiring all those guitars would be very costly. But with technological developments, the need for numerous tools is becoming more and more unnecessary. There's now Virtual Studio Technology (VST), which is software created to synthesize and add effects to audio. There are many on the market right now to aid in creating music using the guitar, and here are some of the best ones out there: 

Positive Grid Bias FX 2

Kicking off this list is a VST that may be familiar to those who have some experience using digital studio software (such as FL Studio, Ableton etc) to create music. The Bias FX is one of the most popular ones on the market right now. The plug-in offers a wide range of pedals, amplifiers, and even guitar sounds. They have recently released a pack that pays homage to legendary musician Jimi Hendrix, giving you the option to emulate the sound of his instrument even if you are using your own. It can mimic the sound of the Fender Jazzmaster, the Zemaitis, and the Gibson Flying V. The software is readily available online, too, so it’s no wonder why many people use it.

bias fx jimmy hendrix

Avid Eleven MK II

This VST plugin has 33 amps and 15 speaker cabinets that allow you to create many different sounds while using just one application. It even has a wide array of microphones to ensure that you get the kind of sound you’re looking for. You can recreate sounds from Fender, one of the most popular electric guitars of all time. Most models, like their Limited Edition Player Telecaster, have 22 frets — but some like the Fender HM Strat have 24 frets that let you reach higher notes. They can also have seven or eight strings for playing low, chunky notes, such as Fender's legendary Alex Gregory 7-String Stratocaster. And you can bet that the Avid Eleven MK II can mimic the tones accurately. Not only will this software be a great help for those who don’t want to spend on expensive gear, but it is one that can truly emulate the sound of a quality guitar.

IK Multimedia Amplitube Custom Shop

Last on this list is the newest iteration of the IK Multimedia's flagship amp and effects software. It is a great option for those who want to be able to have a virtual music shop with popular guitars, good drum kits, and the best basses without having to leave the comfort of their home. The free version alone offers 24 gear models ranging from amplifiers to cabinets, making it a good starting application for those who don’t want to spend a lot.

You can also purchase sounds from well-known and trusted brands like Soldano, Ampeg, and Orange. For an application that is free to use, they offer a lot of great options that sound just as good as the real thing.

Making music using digital applications is the new norm now. With so many different electronic tools out there, it’s no wonder why people are more inclined to use them. 

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If you are Facing any problems in Downloading or Installing, Do let us know in the Comment Section Below. We will try our best to solve your Issue.

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